Youtuber makes the stunning amount of $16,000 in just 8 hours by allowing people to disturb his sleep

Throughout the entire existence of riches and easy money, numerous individuals have become millionaires either by their fortune or by their hard work

But one person earned $16,000 in less than 24 hours by something totally out of the box. A Twitch streamer has made $16,000 in only eight hours by streaming his sleep and permitting watchers to awaken him.

Before we dive into the details of the story, note that Twitch is a live real-time streaming service that is intended for streaming games. But, Asian Andy found an innovative method to utilize the application and bring in some pain-free income.

Source: Youtube

The 26-year-old let his watchers give money to send sounds and text-to-speech messages during the live stream. Albeit ‘Asian Andy’ couldn’t get a lot of sleep during the live stream, he indented up a stunning amount of cash simply by thrashing around in his bed.

The plan for the live stream was clear and basic. Andy would rest and his crowd would attempt to awaken him by sending sounds and messages.

Take a look at the video below:

During the entire live streaming, numerous users made fun of Andy by telling to him somebody was at the window close to him. However, Andy didn’t try to give a lot of consideration and remained cuddled up to his canine.

Source: Youtube

Andy, who has more than 1 million followers on YouTube, posted a video on the video-sharing platform saying: I’m just trying to sleep. You’re gonna scare the viewers. Because I’m just going to be asleep anyway. I won’t know what’s going on. The door’s locked.”

At the end of stream he further added: You guys aren’t gonna believe this. Thank you, holy f*** bro. $16,000, holy s***. o, holy s***. Thank you so much. I used to drive [an] Uber for $16 an hour,

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