Youtuber James Charles slammed on social media for a photo shoot with a prosthetic bump

YouTuber James Charles is slammed after he utilized a prosthetic baby bump to do a pregnancy photo shoot and fake conveying a child for a day.

Worldwide lockdowns and stay-at-home orders have incited a significant number of us to do things that are strange, however, while most of us have been messing around with tissue roll, but Charles has evidently been playing pregnant.

Taking to social media this week, Charles posted an image of himself presenting stripped, with one hand supporting a baby bump. He gave the title to the image ‘Surprise… new video out now.’

As it ended up, the picture was a promotion for his new video named ’24 hours being pregnant’, in which he went through a challenge of difficulties and activities to check whether he was ‘strong enough to experience what it’s actually like being pregnant for 24 hours straight.’

This sparked a lot of confusion as well, Charles’ posts got the reaction for his choice to pretend pregnancy and for apparently neglecting to value that numerous individuals battle for the duration of their lives to get pregnant.

Twitter users slammed the video, one said: I’m one of those women! This is bull! I’m 35 with medical issues & a guy thinks it’s funny to see what it’s like?! Wish I knew what it was like! .

Man everyone is so sensitive is he actually being insensitive to women who can’t get pregnant? I don’t agree with idea of a man being pregnant I find it strange, but that’s like saying the old movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger (comedy movie) was pregnant is being insensitive. How

I take it you didn’t watch the video?? Figures lmao. He made a very heart warming comment in the very beginning of the video, is donating to charities for women who have complicated pregnancies & stated he’s doing this for fun with his best friend.

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