Woman traveled 1,500 miles to meet her love who stood her up

Jasmine Triggs a businesswoman was left alone at an air terminal 1,500 miles from home after getting stood up by a man she’d met online just a week ago.

Source: Twitter/@trigggss

Jasmine Triggs, 23, chosen to fly from her home Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Houston, Texas, a week ago to meet a man she’d been conversing online. Yet, the moment she’d stepped on the plane, the puzzle man, named Jamal, blocked her number, and Jasmine was left heartbroken and alone in the air terminal.

Jasmine said: ‘I was talking to this guy for about a week and he asked me to come out to Texas. He was asking me s*xual stuff and he was saying he couldn’t wait to see me and that he’d cleaned his living room for me.’

Jasmine and Jamal introduced each other through an iMessage group by a common friend who had also never met Jamal in person. Jasmine had spent around $380 for the five-hour trip and when she arrived at the air terminal, she attempted to contact Jamal who had just blocked her number.

Source: Twitter/@trigggss

She further added: ‘When I was on the plane, all my messages were sending to everyone apart from him so he’d obviously blocked me. I didn’t hear from him all morning and once I landed, I called him, but I realised he’d blocked my number and I was panicking. People from the group chat were calling him and he blocked them as well.’

Fortunately, Jasmine figured out how to get hold of a companion who lived close by and went to stay with her for a couple of days however she actually has no clue about why she was left stranded at the air terminal. She also posted her story on Twitter and warned other people


She further added: Either he thought it was funny or he could have had a wife or girlfriend because he started saying he didn’t know me but he shouldn’t have left me at the airport. I posted it on Twitter and it went viral so he unblocked us and came back in the chat saying he didn’t know me but everyone knew he’d asked me to go to meet him.

‘He had people messaging me saying they were his sister, it was just a big conundrum.I don’t even know if he does live in Texas. He has the area code but he has three different numbers.’


Her tweet got 70k plus likes and many retweets. Some people also came up to pay for Jasmine plane tickets.

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