woman told her ‘guardian angel’ is inappropriate and looks rude

This is the second a lady showed the world her new ‘guardian angel’ tattoo – despite the fact that individuals have confused the photograph with something totally different.

Take a look at the video below:

Bekah Milly posted the video on TikTok (bekah.milly) close by the subtitle: “When someone says your new tattoo looks like a girl eating a$s.”

However, this is not normal. Particularly considering the design was expected to show her ‘guardian angel’ tattoo in the middle of her upper back.

However, some have said that the inking, in her upper back, looks more like a lady in a somewhat compromising position. Subsequently, individuals have said they ‘can’t unsee’ the more X-rated point of view.

Credit: TikTok/bekah.milly
Source: Tiktok

If you see the image of the tattoo carefully, it looks like the lady has her arms folded over the base portion of another person who’s… sitting on their face.

Credit: TikTok/bekah.milly
Source: Tiktok

Sever people commented on this incident:

One said: I don’t think it looks like that at all I instantly knew it was someone embracing a hug

A second added: It looks like someone is being cuddled 0 but the other person is missing

A third one commented: I definitely saw the hug and it seems 108 meant to look like a heart which is lovely. But a light touch up to the head would make it more obvious.

While a fourth one said: I saw a hug until i read the text. People 961 see what they want. jus sayin.

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The ‘butt cheeks’ are really expected to be the shoulder and head of an imperceptible guardian angel, with Bekah’s arms flashing them.

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