Woman shared a list of 11 weird rules received from her boyfriend

A young lady has shared the 11 crazy rules that were given to her by her ex-boyfriend and he instructed her to strictly follow these rules in the University.

Some of these weird and crazy rules are like always turns on Snapchat location, avoiding all boys, and wearing those clothes which were pre-approved by him.

Carolyn went on TikTok, having username @ccarollynn, posted the screenshot of the text message she received from his boyfriend. Giving the title to the TikTok video which is now having more than 2.7 million views ‘i wish I was joking’,

Take a look at the video first:

Source: Tiktok

Carolyn said one of the rules include the boy's parents to approve her clothing attire
Source: TikTok

She even read out all 11 toxic rules she got with a message header of ‘Rules for Carolyn’, followed by ‘PAY ATTENTION’ in all capitals.

After the first video acquired such a lot of footing, Carolyn has since currently made a few subsequent TikToks to additionally clarify the weird situation

Woman Reveals Toxic List Of Rules Her Boyfriend Made For When She's At University

In another video, Carolyn reveals to her watchers how they can go about getting help in toxic relationships, she even said SORRY if her first video offended someone.


@orange.magic made a stitch that is super super informational, pls go watch it !!

♬ original sound – Carolyn

She said: ‘I just want to say that behaviour is considered abuse. That’s considered emotionally controlling and abusive, and if you are in an abusive relationship, domestic violence, anything like that – there are tons of help resources and hotlines you can call,’

Several people reacted to her video and commented:

One said: I love this!!! If it isn’t too prying of a question— how did he handle it when you obviously weren’t going to follow those “rules”?

A second one added: This is awesome. This is EXACTLY what you do with a viral video or a new platform. Proud of you internet stranger

While a third one said: Some people laugh about their trauma, 3 it’s not on you to satisfy everyone with how you deal with yours

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