Woman says she is struggling to get female friends because she is too hot

A model has revealed that she is struggling to develop a friendship with other ladies because their male partners “all want to date her.”

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Moriah Mills, 27, says she’s not even having a single female friend because of this recurring problem.

She portrays herself as a maverick, and rather than spending time with the young ladies, she’s glad to invest energy all alone.

The New York model, who is having around 90,000 followers on Instagram by the user name (@thisismoriahmills), says she doesn’t make friends easily on account of her looks.

Source: Instagram

Moriah said: “It’s always been me, myself and I, being a bit of a loner and preferring my own company, I don’t really trust people and I don’t worry that I haven’t got a best friend. I used to care but now I just love myself.”

Moriah said she is continuously facing jealousy from all other women because of her beautiful looks and body.

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She added: Most females have been judgemental about me because their husbands and boyfriends want me, I’m super nice but maybe they feel that I’m conceited because of my looks. They couldn’t be more wrong. I’m very down to earth.”

While she was a student at school, Moriah was a timid child who says she had trust issues, so she thought that it is difficult to make companions. And more she was a studious girl and spent most of her time in books.

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Moriah further added: “It never bothered me very much, I worked hard and although there were people that I liked and would speak to I wasn’t close to them. I never trusted people enough to get close to them.”

Moriah, who likewise sings and raps, figures individuals are typically stunned when she discloses to them she doesn’t have a female friend.

Source: Instagram

Moriah continued: “Working in the music industry and being a model, people always think I’m going to have this big entourage, but I don’t. Most of the people that I’m friendly with now are guys but I wouldn’t call them up for dinner and drinks to hang out.”

She said she’s currently figuring out how to trust individuals first so that she can have a good friendship – however, added she’s “really not bothered.” Instead, she is having the good company of dogs.

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