Woman says she is not going to eat KFC again after finding chicken brain in his meal

A mother has pledged to never eat at KFC again after she ate down on what she asserts was a “chicken brain” in her takeaway.

Rebecca McLoughlin, 23, was surprised when she got into her KFC bucket meal for a lunch with her family on Tuesday, just to discover what she had bitten tasted off and looked similar to a brain.

Source: Rebecca McLoughlin/BPM MEDIA

The mother revealed to MyLondon that she had been eating the feast for a decent 20 minutes prior to making the gross disclosure which made its way into the bucket from a branch in Harrow Wealdstone.

Rebecca said: “One of the pieces I bit into didn’t taste right then I started picking at it and discovered a brain-like piece in the chicken and straight away I panicked and was in pure disgust.”

Source: KFC

She continued: “My initial thought was don’t throw the piece away. Everyone stopped eating and went looking for the receipt.”

Rebecca, who lives in Harrow and was eating the meal with her three-year-old child, said she called KFC customer support number to report the issue and furthermore cautioned other people online about the “quality of chicken” at the Harrow Wealdstone branch. She additionally added that she won’t eat at any KFC anymore.

Source: Google Maps

Rebecca said she felt debilitated the next morning and since warning others about the chicken has gotten reactions from other people who have additionally had awful experience at the Harrow Wealdstone KFC.

In a response one person said:  “Always feel unwell after eating at the Harrow Weald branch. I won’t be eating KFC anymore that’s for sure. It’s been a while anyway so I’m already not missing it.”

In a response to this KFC spokesperson said: “Hands up! This doesn’t look great, but it looks like a natural part of the chicken to us. This sometimes happens when dealing with fresh chicken – it’s harmless, but it goes without saying it’s not appealing and shouldn’t be there, so we’re reaching out to the customer to make things right.”


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