Woman says her boyfriend pays rent to their house and has no idea she is the landlord

A lady has become an internet sensation after she conceded that her boyfriend pays rent on their home without realizing that his girlfriend is actually the owner of that home.

What the hell?

TikTok user Jaynedoee0 claims she’s been living with her sweetheart for around a year, and they decided that her boyfriend is going to pay for housing rent and other major bills, he has no clue that the rent he is paying for the house is actually going in the pocket of her girlfriend.

Take a look at the video first:

In the video, she said: “So me and my man have been living at this place for a year now. He pays the rent and all major bills. Little does he know I’m the landlord and have owned this place for five years now. So his direct deposits are going straight to me.”

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Jaynee’s video gone viral on TikTok and was watched by more than 2.3 million people. Several people commented on her video with divided opinions.

One said: Not a boss move. If she owns the spot 31 then tell him. Bills still have to be paid. No one can live for free so why stunt like it cool to lie?

A second one added: You guys really think she pockets the 1018 money as if she don’t gotta give that money to pay mortgage, insurance and property tax.

A third one said: I see no problem lol he still needs to pay 235 rent. The bank is not accepting love instead of the mortgage payment every month

While a fourth one added: All ladies is saying that’s right but what if 499 the shoe was on the other foot. Just curious on y’all answers

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