Woman said her husband left her and took all belongings with him when she was on a business trip

A lady has claimed that her husband of 18 years left her and moved practically the entirety of their belongings out of their home while she was on a work trip.

Porsche was shocked to find her husband Brian had taken all of her possessions while she was on a business trip
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Porsche Moore Rosmon, 34, from Nashville, Tennessee, revealed while giving a video visit through her almost empty apartment, saying her mate Brian took everything from their bed to their washer and dryer.

In the TikTok video, she posted with the following title: ‘After 18 years this is how you leave me? All I have is me. I am okay with that,’ The video went viral on the internet and was watched by more than 1.6 million people worldwide

Take a look at the video first:

Porsche clarified in the video that she had been in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a show for five days when she got back on August 7 and found that her better half and the majority of their belongings were no more.

Porsche shared a video to TikTok of an empty house, with only a few of her possessions left behind
Source: Tiktok

‘This is my apartment after I came back home from Vegas,’ she said, panning the camera to the lounge room and kitchen. There wasn’t any furniture in the rooms, just heaps of her stuff that were abandoned.

She further added: ‘I came home to my apartment completely wiped out. My husband left. He left me my jewelry here in this room,’ And, yeah, took everything else, including some items that belonged to solely me.’

Porsche said Brian took their bed, just as their washer and dryer, and even remove the wifi connection so she could no longer work from home.

She said he left her her wedding dress, still hanging in its garment bag
Source: Tiktok

At the point when she went into their unfilled wardrobe, she brought up that he got out everything aside from her wedding dress, which was all the while hanging up in its suitcase.

‘I’ll leave that behind for him,’ she said.

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