Woman responded to the trolls for having a boyfriend with the age difference of 20 years

A woman who soon going to be a bride who intentionally flaunts love with her much older boyfriend has responded hard to trolls.

Taylor-Rae Hamilton, 29, disclosed how individuals say entrepreneur boyfriend John Falconer looks old enough to be her grandad. The couple, who have an age difference of 20 years, and they through a dating application Tinder.

Taylor-Rae Hamilton, 29, and 48-year-old John Falconer met on Tinder
Source: Taylor-Rae

The couple facing trolls every day from the people around, and now they even labeled Taylor-Rae a gold digger.

Also, it doesn’t stop there as the pair regularly face weird stared when they go out in open together. A few stupid people even stop the couple and request to take snaps of them.

However, notwithstanding the disdain, her business owner boyfriend Taylor-Rae claims that after “kissing a few toads”, she’s finally found her prince.

Taylor-Rae Hamilton with her fiancé John Falconer
Source: Taylor-Rae

The couple met through a dating app and now they are engaged and looking forward to their wedding in August 2022.

Taylor-Rae is standing up to “normalize” the age difference in the relationships as she encourages individuals to “always do” what makes them happy.

Taylor-Rae Hamilton with her fiancé John Falconer
Source: Taylor-Rae

Taylor said: “People think a 20-year age gap is controversial but as for us it’s totally normal. Some people make comments about me being a gold digger or child bride on social media.”

Taylor is basically from northern Ireland further added: “When we’re out it’s more the looks, whispers, nudges, the photographs being taken. I’m so tiny as well. I’m only 5ft 1 and also very petite body-wise and John’s just over 6ft so it makes me look even younger again. When they’re nudging each other and looking they could possibly be mistaking us for father and daughter.

Taylor-Rae said she knew John was the one after a trip to New York
Source: Taylor-Rae

She continued: “I look like a little girl standing beside him – we’re holding hands and I’ve got my engagement ring on. When I see people staring and taking pictures I hug him even more, hold his hand even more and say ‘give me a kiss’.”

Taylor-Rae met father-of-three John after they both swiped each other on Tinder in September 2019. After having a little chit-chat, Taylor-Rae requested to call him and the pair talked for three hours.

Taylor-Rae likes to live a glamorous lifestyle and spends money on luxury goods
Source: Taylor-Rae

Regardless of their age difference, she realized John was the one after their trip to New York.

Taylor said: “Once we came back I knew this was the person I really wanted to be with – and him too. We have a lot of chemistry, our humor is exactly the same and our ambition in life is very similar. I always say behind every dark cloud there’s a lovely rainbow. John’s definitely my rainbow.”

You are an inspiration for many other Taylor. We wishing you all the best.

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