Woman devastated after paying 217 pounds ($298) haircut that leaves her looking like a KAREN

A lady has been left totally stunned in the wake of paying 217 pounds ($298) on a hairstyle, only to be left looking “like a f***ing Karen.”

Carly got into her car crying and said she hated her new hair

We all have been faced this situation at one point in our life, so you can imagine how crushed TikTok user @icarlyreboot when she left the salon, just to find her new hairstyle made her looks like a moderately aged mum.

She posted the video on her Tiktok account, the lady totally disappointed and was in tears while explaining the entire situation.

Take a look at the video below

In the video, she is crying and saying: “I just paid $300 (£215) to look like a f***ing Karen. I look like I’m on the PTA. I swear I don’t drive a f***ing mini van, I look like I have three sons who play f***ing T-ball. I look like I collect coupons, oh God, I don’t collect coupons.”

While trying to embrace herself she further added: Okay, let’s practice, ‘Let me speak to your manager.’ Oh my God, why does God f***ing hate me!”

She said the new style made her look like a 'Karen' making complaints at shops

The video went viral on Tiktok and received so many comments:

One said: Hey bestie! It honestly does not look that 441 bad! I would recommend buying a mini curling want and adding some waves to it and also some texturizing

A second one added: I need to know what you were going for 7974 in the first place? Like how did she mess it up so bad? Not that it looks bad, but you clearly think so.

While a third one said: They styled it TERRIBLY this is actually a 275 extremely cute haircut. Use texturizing spray/paste

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