Woman came up with an amazing reply when someone said “Too Old To Dress Like A Teenager”

The world is changing very fast in deep I do not know whether this speed will stop or not, but nowadays celebration means how well you can express yourself.

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Lonni Pike is carrying on with her best life at 56 years of age. Any individual who goes over her Instagram account will only see her happy smile, tattoo-covered arms, and young fashion sense.

While Lonni wants to explore this universe with her smile and laughter” she likewise adores dressing up in cool outfits and her 375.7k TikTok followers are thoroughly cherishing it. However, she’s no stranger to mean comments either. When someone commented on her Tiktok “you’re too old to dress like a teenager,” Lonni answered with a crushing reaction video on her TikTok.

Out of appreciation for “dressing like a Teenager,” Lonni pulled off a fabulous outfit featuring Dr. Martens, charming little jeans, and a tucked-in t-shirt. Lonni’s video receives more than 3.5 million views worldwide.

Take a look at her video below with her inspirational message.

After her video went viral on different social media platforms, many people came forward and supported her video.

One said: Right??? Throughout I was thinking to myself “this also looked dope AF back in 1995, when she was probably 25ish.” WHY would anyone hit a specific age and be like “well… I guess it’s time to transition to florals…” ?????????

Second one said: Well she’s awesome! I don’t know how old she is but I’m 52 and I pretty much dress that way as well. You can’t make me wear the middle aged lady clothes

A third one added: Also a lot of what she’s wearing she probably wore when she was a lot younger anyways and was there when it got popular. Is she supposed to UN-like it because younger girls found it? This is how I feel with scene girl fashion coming back

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