Wife refuses to share bed with her husband as his toes just keep falling off

A man reveals that his wife has refused to sleep in the same bed as him because his toes just keep falling off.

About three years back, Simon Charlesworth was admitted in a hospital with flu, pneumonia, and sepsis. He was really sick, and had to stay in induced coma for 10 days, with doctors working round the clock to save his life. He survived, but he is still suffering with the effects even years later, and his toes have turned black and started falling off one-by-one due to poor blood circulation.

Simon, from Bridgend, Said: “My wife refused to sleep in the same bed as me as she didn’t want to wake up with a detached toe beside her. Some have come off in my hand while applying antiseptic lotions, some in bed and, by far the worst, some have come off in the shower. Can you imagine putting your socks on in the morning and thinking ‘I’m sure that toe was there last night?’.”

Source: Media Wales

Simon, describing about his illness said: “I woke up one morning and I felt like I had the flu. My wife came home in the afternoon from work and found me virtually unconscious on the bed in the spare room.”

He reveals that he can only remember ‘bits and pieces’ of the whole ordeal from that instance, including being put into an ambulance and getting told by staff they’d need to put him into a PIC

Source: Media Wales

Simon continued that it still amazed how little he could remember.

[Upon reawakening] He remembered looking down at his toes and wondering why someone had put black finger bobs on them. At some point when he was in a coma his blood pressure dropped and they gave him[medication] to increase it rapidly again.

But in doing so it pushed blood towards the organs while starving the extremities – it was basically like suffering frostbite. The soles and heels of his feet came off all bar an inner layer of soft skin, his fingers peeled, his nose peeled, but luckily it was just his toes which got it really badly.

After the whole ordeal, Simon set on to walk once again. But to his dismay, after four months his first toe fell off.

He further added: “The actual falling off bit was not painful. I used to have a shower every day and then spray all my toes with antiseptic to try and stop any infections. The toe came off as I was rubbing it with Germolene. Man Unable To See His Daughter Because Of Permanent Erection After Surgery News Man Unable To See His Daughter Because Of Permanent Erection After Surgery published ata year ago “It was a shock more than anything else. Even though my toes were in a terrible state I still wasn’t expecting it to happen.”

The last toe fell off in December 2019.

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