Wife gives a bizarre gift to her husband on valentine’s ..pictures of all the women’s Instagram snaps he’s liked

A TikToker gave her better half the ideal Valentine’s Day present: a collection of all the ladies’ Instagram photographs he’s liked.

well, it is the 21st century and anything can happen: is it fitting to like others’ photographs while you’re seeing someone? Some say indeed, in light of the fact that they’re simply photographs and double-tapping on photos on Instagram isn’t a sign of you wanting to pursue them.

Others say no because it is the sign that you are getting attracted to someone else. This lady plainly falls more towards the no side, especially with her uncommon Valentine’s present.

She tapes the photographs to little wooden sticks and which are adhered into the packaging to show a mini wall disgrace for her mate.

Take a look at the video below:

As the post went viral Netizens started the trolling stuff:

One said: ‘Well he did like the pictures… pretty sure he’ll love the gift.’

A second one said: ‘Imma need a bigger box.’

A third one commented: ‘Icon. Legend. Inspiration.’ A fourth commented, ‘Omg I didn’t know what to get him. THIS IS PERFECT.’ A fifth wrote, ‘This needs A LOT more recognition.’

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