Video shows canine cries tears of joy after receiving food from a stranger

A heart touching video has been shared on social media shows a stray dog wandering around the roads of Jinzhong in Shanxi area of north China.

Take a look at the video first:

In the video footage, the little canine can be seen standing on its rear legs as it swings its front legs in the air, asking for food. What’s more, as the lady hands it some sausage, the little guy’s eyes begin to gush as though it was overwhelmed at being taken care of.

Another part of the video sees the lady coming back to the park to check the canine, with it perceiving her and approaching to welcome her. As she offers it another treat, the dog gets tears in his eyes.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

According to Xiaoxiang Morning Post the woman said: Me and my friends were on the way to a park when we saw the stray dog,” she told the publication. “He started crying when we gave him food and I tried to put him in our car one time, but he refused and jumped back on the street.

When she came back to the park a second time, the lady saw that the canine had gone. She further added: “I’ve tried to look for it a few times these few days but I couldn’t find him. I might try my luck asking the street cleaners later.”

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The video received so many comments on social media.

One added: Chinese people eat dogs this lady did the opposite.change of heart .

A second one said: the dogs cant cry lol. It is a fact, he was happy but nothing more. The doc should check his eyes

Another said: I hope he is found ok i hope someone gives him a home

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