Video clips showing Taliban soldiers enjoying merry go round and horse rides in an amusement park

An unusual video showing Taliban soldiers holding guns in their hands enjoying bumper car rides in Kabul after taking control of Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan.

The video was posted by Reuters columnist Hamid Shalizi and it seems officers are flaunting their firearms while riding around on the amusement park rides. French media source, Mediavenir, posted a video of the Taliban troops riding on a merry-go-round.

Take a look at the video first:

Many other videos of the military group celebrating in and around the amusement park have been posted on social media. In another video, they were additionally seen taking rounds on horse rides.

Take a look at the horse ride video:

In another bizzare video put on Twitter by independent journalist, Asaad Hanna show implied Taliban soldiers bobbing on a trampoline in glee.

This comes when the nation has been tossed into absolute tumult, with individuals desperate to leave the country in a bid to escape from the Taliban rule.

According to the media, 10 individuals have been killed and many injured in the midst of strife and gunfire at the terminal of the Kabul international air terminal where a huge number of Afghans have gathered in hopes of getting an evacuation flight.

Taliban, the hardline Islamist group controlled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 until being eliminated from power by US-led forces following the September 11 incident. As indicated by Foreign Policy, the US has put almost $83 billion in preparing Afghanistan’s security powers to guard against a Taliban invasion.

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