Vegan uncle refused to eat a meal without meat a niece’s wedding led to family drama

Planning a wedding is not a big deal, but setting up a supper menu to fit all tastes and dietary requirements can be a challenging thing. This is what with one Reddit user, a vegan and a lady of the hour-to-be (bride), who has been taking care of the catering for her wedding ceremony.

“When we sent out invitations, we added a note saying that the food will be vegan,” the lady wrote in a post on the AITA subreddit. Nonetheless, her uncle was not exactly intrigued with the vegan food and clarified that for cultural reasons, he simply can’t go without meat.

The high voltage drama promptly escalated and the bride is finding out if it was the correct thing to never really give a meat dinner to her obstinate uncle.

The bride said “cultural reasons” were not a dietary prerequisite and that the newlyweds wouldn’t change the menu on account of the uncle’s hardheadedness

Below is the complete post what exactly happened:

The post went viral on Reddit and received interesting comments

One said: Your wedding for one thing. If people don’t want to eat vegan, they simply don’t have to eat the free meal. And this is coming from a meat eating guy

A second one added: Even Ron Swanson would keep his mouth shut on this and just eat a Paunch Burger before (and after). They have no class.

A third one said: the aunt sounds like a real control freak? IS she angry that none of her kids were involved in the wedding? Or does she generally make a pain of herself at family get togethers? More importantly, have you tried speaking to your uncle directly, to see what he has to say?

While a fourth responded: They are being petty. Let them eat meat! At home.


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