Trump buddha statue is now the most trending item on Chinese online shopping platforms

On the off chance that you’ve at any point needed a statue of previous US President Donald Trump as Buddha, now’s your chance.

Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao has recently a listing for you. The listing was posted on the site by a furniture producer situated in Xiamen, Fujian territory with the motto “make your company great again!”

Source: Newyork Times

The status portrays Trump with a serene appearance all over and two hands laying on his lap, in a pose that looks similar to Buddha usually found in sanctuaries in China.

The status listing has a description as well which says “Trump, who knows Buddhism better than anyone.”

This is the most recent in Chinese e-commerce website Taobao’s unique listings of trump related products. Another most sold-out item on the same website is a Trump toilet brush, that can be bought in a pack of three for $2.

Source: Global Times

Chinese news source Global Times had a word with the seller, who said that making a Trump Buddha sculpture struck him when he considered the previous US President’s trademark “Make America Great Again,” and how he “often claimed he knew things better than anyone.”

“The vast majority just purchased it for entertainment only,” the vendor said, adding that he had made just 100 sculptures, however, had gotten “dozens” of orders.

The Trump statue comes in two sizes: a 5-foot tall version valued at $153, and a 14-foot tall sculpture that will cost purchasers $613.

Li Guoqiang, a Beijing man in his late 30s, having a construction firm in the Beijing rural areas and is waiting that the small size sculpture will be delivered to him from Xiamen.

Source: Global Times

Li said: “I thought it was a really comical thing to have in the office. I can’t say I’m a Trump fan but he looks quite peaceful there, doesn’t he?” Li told Insider.

At the point when asked where he would put the Trump Buddha sculpture, Li said that he had made room for it along the corridor of his office’s second-floor washroom.


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