Truck driver saves a couple’s life, their ‘thank you’ letter goes viral

Real life superheroes don’t wear capes. They are ordinary human beings like all of us. A truck driver from Queensland has proved that one doesn’t need extra-ordinary powers to make a difference to someone. His life saving gesture restores our faith in humanity.

Credit: Emily Clarke via facebook

Emily Crake and her boyfriend, Jay were travelling down the Bruce Highway in Australia. As they encountered a severe storm, they were unsure of reaching their destination safely. When the trucker noticed that the couple is in danger, he went out of his way to ensure that they pass safely through the storm.

Emily wrote a post on Facebook to thank the truck driver who came to rescue her and her boyfriend.

The Storm

It was the worst storm of their life. It was almost impossible to drive in the heavy downpour with water flooding from both the sides. Cars can lose traction when there is flash flooding on the highway. It was not safe for the couple to drive through. At the same time, it was more dangerous to stop! When they chose to continue driving, they noticed that a truck driver was trying to help them.

Emily wrote on her Facebook wall,

“We noticed the truck moving over to the left and I asked Jay, ‘Do you think he is pushing the excess water off the road for us?’”

Credit: Emily Clarke via facebook

The Rescuer

The storm was so heavy that they could only see the brake lights of the truck moving ahead. They tucked their car behind the truck. The truck driver showed them direction through indicators and warned them of the hazards coming on their way

Once they reached a restaurant, the couple immediately got down from their car to express their gratitude to him. They got to know that the truck driver’s name was Footie, and he was from Melbourne.

Source: Brendan Foote via Facebook

When they thanked him, he humbly replied, “I could see more than you, and if you were my family, Iwould only hope that another truck driver would do that for them.”

The couple expressed their deepest gratitude to him again and offered to buy him a drink.

The Message

“To all the Footies out there on the road, looking out for us during this crazy weather and especially at this time of the year when the roads are the busiest, we know you have a job to do, but we appreciate you!”, she wrote.

Emily’s message moved thousands of netizens. To her surprise, Footie replied to her message,

“Well, that’s very unexpected. I’ve been contacted by plenty of people today about a young family that said some very nice things about my conduct as a driver in some pretty terrible conditions in North Queensland yesterday. Without sounding like a total knob, thanks to everyone, including my beautiful family, friends and strangers that have commented. I am absolutely gobsmacked by the interest. It’s nothing I wouldn’t think that any trucker wouldn’t do to try and keep people as safe as possible. Special thanks for the kind words, Clarke family. Merry Christmas to all and a safe and Happy New Year.”

Source: Brendan Foote via Facebook

If this incident has inspired you, be the ‘Footie’ for someone when life offers you a chance. After all, Footie has taught us that making difference is not that difficult!

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