Transgender man shares his experiences after giving birth to a healthy baby

At the point when Trystan Reese moved toward his partner, Biff Chaplow, about getting pregnant with the couple’s infant, he faced a lot of difficulties. Reese, a transgender man, had seen companions lead healthy pregnancies as trans men, and he knew he such a situation was conceivable—yet Chaplow held some serious concerns.

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In an interview with Parents Resse said: Initially he was pretty hesitant about the idea In fact, I believe the words he used were ‘absolutely not, this is the dumbest idea you’ve ever had.’ Mostly he was worried for my safety—what it would be like for a pregnant man navigating the world, both medically and socially.”

However, the couple did their full research and study and they understood transgender men can (and do!) lead healthy pregnancies. As that is actually what Reese did: He brought forth the couple’s child, Leo, half a month back.

While Reese’s hormonal treatment gave him facial hair growth and a more profound voice, his uterus and ovaries kept on working. The process of getting off testosterone wasn’t so not the same as what most ladies face when they quit taking birth control medication before conception…and around five months after the fact, Reese was pregnant.

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He portrayed his experience as a ‘textbook pregnancy,’ complete with weakness, nausea,third-trimester discomfort, and finally a healthy delievery.

Reese further added: “The conception part just happened, the two of us at home, the old-fashioned way. I’m really lucky, the people at Kaiser [Permanente] have worked really hard on their trans competency. I received incredibly respectful, knowledgeable, competent care throughout my entire prenatal process, I told my doctor ‘it’s my goal to be the most boring patient you’ve ever seen.’ He, of course, laughed because I’m a pregnant man.”

Reese said that he’s not a pioneer for this issue—that transgender men complete effective pregnancies more frequently than individuals will in general think. The reality remains, however: Terminology surrounding pregnancy is rarely inclusive of the trans community, and Reese has made peace with that.

Source: biffandi

He further added: “I understand that we are not a typical or traditional family, but I think back to when my grandmother was alive, she was the only woman in her entire city who drove a car. Women didn’t used to drive cars and guess what? Now women can drive cars. Just because something has always been one way, that doesn’t mean that’s the right way or the best way or even the way that serves the most number of people. I would invite people to just see the many ways in which family has evolved over time. Look at our family and the love and respect that we have for each other. Continue to be open to thinking about all the different ways kids can come into this world and people can love each other.”

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