Transgender lady shares her photos of her transformation after going through 14 months hormone therapy

A transgender lady has uncovered her mind-blowing transformation photographs subsequent to going through 14 months of hormone therapy treatment and facial feminization medical procedure.

Credits: natalie.a.zamani

Natalie Zamani, 28, from San Francisco, took to Reddit to share pictures of herself when her change, composing: ‘So it’s kinda been a wild 14 months!’ The senior engineer has known she was trans since she was a teen, but kept her gender identity hidden until last year.

‘I was 27, I had a great job in tech, a lovely relationship, and had built up confidence in my life. Life was good, but yet I was still not at home in my body,’ she told Bored Panda. ‘I realized I couldn’t outrun my identity and expect to live a full life.’

Her ‘previously’ photograph shows her brandishing short hair and flawlessly managed facial hair growth. In her ‘after’ picture, she has smooth cheeks, mid length wavy hair, and a splendid grin.

Zamani, who was assigned male upon entering the world, said that growing up she ‘learned early on’ that she needed to suppress her emotions about her sex personality, yet her ‘girly tendencies’ would still come out.

At the point when she began to go through puberty in her initial teenage, she was ‘sickened’ with the progressions to her body and ‘hopeless’ that she was unable to do anything about it.

Zamani said: ‘I did research and found that there were other people like me, who had chosen to do something about it. That it was possible to transition, But what I found in all but a few cases was that people who had transitioned lived difficult lives on the margins of society, unless they were lucky and strong enough to live in “stealth” and had that privilege by virtue of being able to just blend in and hide.’

‘Going stealth’ and beginning another life far away from her friends and family appeared ‘both incredibly lonely and difficult’ to her.

Zamani settled on the troublesome choice to keep her sex personality covered up while living as cheerfully as possible, however, she understood a year ago that she could never be satisfied if she continued to hide who she was.

She further added: ‘The acceptance of trans people had totally shifted during my lifetime, and I didn’t face life at the margins purely for being openly trans,’ she explained. ‘I had to start living my life. I drove to Planned Parenthood a few days after that realization and started hormones.’

She continued: ‘But I’m so thankful I held out long enough to get to this place of enormous comfort and happiness, and that I had the support network to do so too.’

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