Trans DJ Humiliated After Security Guard Asked To Not Use Women’s Restroom

Trans DJ Simona Castricum was left embarrassed after a club security guard prevented her from using the ladies washroom, saying she should use the men’s washroom

Castricum, a famous Australian music artist and DJ, was halted from utilizing the restroom in a club in Melbourne, Victoria, on 8th March). Security guards at Yah Yah’s, a well-known party place in the Fitzroy area, cornered Castricum.

Source: Simona Castricum

Owners of the club have admitted to the “humiliating” occurrence and said we will make sure that this will not be going to happen in the future again.

Locals reacted with caution to the news, noticing that the bar is in a beloved LGBT+ nightlife area since a long time ago viewed as a place of refuge for residents.

Castricum, additionally known by her stage name Fluorescent and as an individual from the band Ana Nicole, explained: male security guard stood in the doorway of the women’s bathroom and pointed at me and yelled at me quite aggressively ‘out of the bathroom’. I’m a woman, I’m a trans woman,” she replied. But the security staff continued to misgender her.”

Source: Simona Castricum

She continued: “It really is such an indignity to have your gender questioned in front of an entire bathroom full of people,” Castricum said. It’s also really frightening. Yah Yah’s has obviously got a problem. It’s incumbent on the management to make sure that the message gets down to security.”

She approached local Victorians not to blacklist the bar, but rather for’s Yah’s administration to take some action.

Source: Simona Castricum

She further added: “Rather than a name and shame, cancel [or] call-out, I’m looking at Yah Yah’s to lead by example, commit to education and accountability and change their culture so that any trans and gender diverse person on any night will feel safe as the venue moves forward, Not just on queer nights. Every night is queer and trans night in Smith Street.”

The owners Yah-Yah’s humiliated by occurrence and shocked they said: It’s embarrassing for us,” Young acknowledge, “Yah Yah’s and Thursgay is one of the best practice venues in Melbourne and in Australia. The guard was reprimanded and he apologized to the guest. Simona is a very welcome guest.”


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