To test their relationship strength couple decided to chain together for 3 months

Well everything is fair in love and war! Keeping this in mind, one couple from Ukraine done something out of the box. To test the strength of their relation they chain themselves for 3 months.

Alexander and Viktoria picked Valentine’s Day as the undeniable time to chain themselves to one another, in a bid to give their relationship a definitive test.

Vitaly Zorin, of Ukraine’s public register of records, who administered the test said: “The palms of the couple in love are just a couple of centimetres apart.”

Zorin additionally needed to confirm the couple’s mental health prior to beginning their “Chained together” challenge, before they were chain together close to the Unity design in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Credit: East2West

Alexander said: “We are going for a record. There is a chain on us, and all the links are welded. The final link… is closed with the seal of the national register of records.”

The experiment comes up with its own set of challenges. One of the principal measure tests came during their 523 miles commute home from the capital city in a taxi. They needed to pick whether to jointly utilize the male or female toilet at a side of the road bistro.

Credit: East2West

They chose the ladies’ loo, giving a stun to a cleaner, as they started their lives with no personal space, the report said.

The couple have posted video footage showing how they are wearing exceptionally developed apparel, with zip-through top to bottom empowering them to dress and strip without any difficulty

Take a look at the video below:

Footage shows them together in the restroom taking it thus to shower, and placing clothes in the washing machine.

The couples are confident that they can last three months in such close proximity

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