To protest against their school’s sexist dress code 100 boys wore skirts

Zach Paulin knew that it wasn’t fair for the school to target girls, their dresses and associate it with bad behavior. At their Canadian high school, girls had been pressured to make sure their skirts were 10 centimeters below the knee, while there were no such restrictions for boys.

We all are now increasingly aware of women’s rights that have brought a massive change in the society. Even then if they are considered weaker and inferior, they do know how to fight and get back to these bullies. Moreover, girls aren’t alone in their fight against the patriarchy prevailing in many societies.

Source: Instagram | @zachpaulin

100 male students at a high school in Canada decided to stand up against a sexist change in dress which was made in their school. The male students came to the class wearing skirts to protest against toxic masculinity, homophobia and the forced patriarchy.

The school management declared the dressing of girls as the cause of bad behaviour. This seemed quite as trying to sabotage characters of women so the school boys took it as a challenge and protested.

Two days before the protest was held and a big movement boiled over, 16-year-old Zachary Paulin informed around 30 people that he planned to wear a skirt to school on Friday, but he told he had never expected that so many of his classmates would participate in this.


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