Time traveller said he traveled 2027 where humans are extinct

A TikTok user professes to have voyaged six years into the future where all people are extinct.

Javier has told his followers that he jumped into 2027 where no human exists except buildings, vehicles, and utilities.

Image Source: unicosobreviviente/TikTok

The social media user, who passes by the username @unicosobreviviente (which means ‘just survivor’), posted his first video on February 13.

He guaranteed he was in the year 2027 and strolls through an unfilled road before the video cuts to a vacant garments store. Albeit the shop, in the Spanish city of Valencia, is stacked brimming with things, there are no people around.

Image Source: unicosobreviviente/TikTok

After his first post, he has routinely imparted recordings to his 1.2million followers. Each video is totally bereft of human action, with no other souls seen around.

But, necessities like power and the internet connection appear to in any case be accessible for the time traveler to have the option to upload the recordings. It’s not the first occasion when somebody has professed to have travelled through time on the app.

Image Source: unicosobreviviente/TikTok

Another user, 2029man, who calls himself ‘The Messenger’, tells followers about the future. But many of his videos and predictions proved false. On January 3, he anticipated on January 6, US Congress would dismiss the electoral college decision on the 2020 presidential election.

Image Source: unicosobreviviente/TikTok

He said: “This will lead to Nancy Pelosi becoming president on January 20. Be ready.”

All things considered, President Joe Biden became head of state and many agitators raged the US Capitol – which didn’t highlight in his expectation.


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