TikTok motivational speaker said she’s hated by other women For Being Too beautiful

A lady revealed that she struggles with different ladies since she’s way too beautiful. First, take a look at the video below:


I’ve been seeing pp videos on my fyp. I don’t know if this is pretty privilege but this is my insight #adviceforwomen #prettyprivilege #journeyofself

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The women’s name is Brenttany Sharraine, and she is something of a motivational speaker on TikTok.

While the majority of us have hang-ups about our appearance, apparently we are not sure about Brenttany. Obviously, there’s a life beyond simply being strangely gorgeous, and she’s really discovered it very extreme being so ‘appealing’.

In one of her videos, she said: “Here are a few things I’ve noticed as an attractive woman in society, And this is not pretty privilege or anything – this is just me giving you guys my experiences on how people treat me. Yes, I do get a lot of stares and I get a lot of compliments too. Some people gaze and some people scowl at me.”

In her, another video – in which she is taking a walk around New York City’s Central Park – Brenttany says that a majority of disdain/hate and shade she gets is from different ladies.

She said: “I have never in my life noticed a man scowling at me, so it says a lot. I’ve been told I come off very intimidating, although I’m not mean at all to people.

She continued: When dating, I’ve met everyone’s families – parents, sisters, brothers – I’ve always met them, even if it’s not serious and we’ve only known each other for months. I’ve been invited to events and meetings with business partners, I’m aware now as a woman in her late 20s that I’ve been used as a trophy before. I don’t allow that anymore.”

She further added: “I’ve been told by women that they thought I was a b***h when they first met me, I’ve been told by plenty of men that I look expensive, I’ve been excluded from friend groups even if I created the friend group.”

Several commented on her video after it went viral on TikTok:

One said: People feel threatened by you because you’re hitting boxes that they are not. Not because they can’t, because they are unwilling, and now they wish

A second one added: I really don’t think this is because of attractiveness, it’s more just confidence and your demeanor. These things have all happened to me and I’m not

While a third one said: love you “You look expensive” like why, how? I 207 literally don’t be having anything spectacular on it what do they mean? Lol

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