This Man Has Looks of A 22 Year Old But Is Actually 52 Thanks His Special Diet For His Forever Young Looks

The man that you see in the picture right now is Chuando Tan. Anyone who sees his photo for the first time in life thinks he is a young model. Ladies can’t stop drooling over him and men get jealous over how dashing he looks!

He’s a handsome looking man, there is no doubt about that. But what sets him apart is his age defying looks. As mentioned earlier, people who look at him believe he is in his early twenties. Mid twenties at the most! But nothing can be far from truth. A lot of people guess his age on the basis of his physique!

One can see for himself, why so many people could make mistake in guessing his age. We usually align the physical attributes to the age the person most likely could be. However, not for Chuando,even though he looks 20ish he is actually 52!

Yes, take as much time you want to absorb this fact up.

He maintains his youthful looks because of the way he takes care of his body. He eats right, he works right and he treats his body right! Dedication is key to achieve any appearance goal and this hunk of a guy knows how to achieve it!

Before we get into what all he eats, you should know about his profession first. Chuando Tan was a model from 1980s and he soon turned towards his passion for music where he became a pop singer and later on he became a Photographer. He turned out to be a refined photographer and one fine day when he posted his picture it got a little too much attention. And thus began his modeling career.

Now let’s find out his diet. By knowing what he eats, we’ll get an idea of how he stays so healthy and fit. He eats 6 eggs on breakfast and also drinks milk with avocados. Along with this he also eats chicken and with that, he sleeps properly. He makes sure he gets enough sleep and he drinks lot of water. So if you think about it, he just follows his basics!

Good diet needs to be done along with great exercise regime as well. He exercises almost 90 minutes in 4 weeks or 3 times a week and he set his training time where he swims regularly to gain his strength. Smart indeed!

Afterall, it is all about taking care of your body. It is all about treating it right. Eat good, sleep well, stay hydrated and you’ll be fine. This man is an example and an inspiration!

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