This hike may be the most weirdest and creepy hiking destination in the USA

Usually, snakes and arachnids are the creepiest things hikers experience on the path, yet at Constitution Lakes Park in Atlanta, Georgia, there’s something different prowling in the forested areas. The park is home to Doll’s Head Trail: a path full of the weird and creepy doll’s head. Sounds disturbing? Yes, it is!

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It might sound like a scene from a horror movie, Constitution Lakes Park was home to a nineteenth-century brick processing plant. The brickworks shut down over 50 years prior, as indicated by Atlas Obscura, and the region has since been overwhelmed by the surrounding wildness. The relinquished dirt pits have loaded up with water and are presently manmade lakes called the Constitution Lakes. In 2003, Dekalb County, Georgia bought the 125-section of land site and introduced trails and footpaths so people, in general, could explore and enjoy the natural environment.

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However, trees and natural life aren’t the lone things you’ll discover in the park. Adventure down Doll’s Head Trail and you’ll see many immaterial doll heads, many showed guilefully with signs and accessories that only add to their dread factor.

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Nearby woodworker Joel Slaton was inspired to make the path after seeing disposed of the garbage while climbing through the park. Each piece that is shown along the way is produced using objects recuperated from the site: That includes doll parts, bottles, hunks of the old block, and even machines. People are welcome to make art of their own—Slaton just asks that they just use “discovered” materials and leave the current showcases undisturbed.

In case you’re searching for an creepy traveler destination, you can climb Doll’s Head Trail by visiting Constitution Lakes Park at 1305 South River Industrial Boulevard SE in Atlanta

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