This grandpa’s response to his gay grandson is winning the internet

A gay man who a few days back came out to his grandpa has shared an overwhelming reaction he got – and it has left the Twitter users in tears.

No doubt about it, homophobia – even in the Western world – is still a lot of a thing. So, when a young fellow named Travis came out to his grandpa, individuals were in tears by the adorable reaction he got.

Recently, Travis, under the Twitter username @chipotletwink, took to Twitter to share the loving message his grandpa sent him following his coming out.

Posting two screenshots with the title: “Finally came out to my grandpa and his response is so [teary-eyed emojis].”

His Grandpa said: “Well Travis, I guess you’re saying you’re ‘coming out’. First of all, our suspicions of this began many years ago, It’s not something easily hidden but it certainly wasn’t for us to come forth and ask you.

“Your mom is right, we don’t care, we love you, want you to be happy and wish you success, and will support you with whatever you choose to do with your life. I just don’t want you to sell yourself short.”

The grandpa at that point proceeds to say that he is sorry Travis was “afraid” to approach him and discussion straightforwardly about his sexuality.

“I thought I told you several times in the past that you can talk freely with me about anything that concerns you. Even in 2021 though, this can be a tough path for people to follow. Being heterosexual is much easier as you don’t face possible criticism and prejudice.”

He at that point adds that Travis’s boyfriend, Enrique, appears to be a pleasant man, and he’d greet him over wholeheartedly whenever.

“Love you,” he closes down the sweet message.

Since the tweet was posted only a few days back, it received more than 200K plus likes and 9k plus responses. Travis even posted a photograph of him and his boyfriend in a subsequent tweet.

His tweet received so many emotional responses from twitter:

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