This bird Camouflaged is at another level and it will blow your mind.

A mindblowing moment when a winged creature stands totally still and puzzles hunters by mixing in with its surrounding. Take a look at the video first:

Video shows the incredible potoo bird remaining on a wooden fence post totally camouflaged into the material in Brazil. The footage, taken by Vanderlei Benites Scalabrim, shows the flying creature standing entirely still with its nose noticeable all around.

Source: Vanderlei Benites Scalabrim

The creature eventually flies away, leaving a little egg roosted on top. On the video screen, the words ‘sometime later’ show up in Portuguese, and the video at that point shows the incubated bird. The pair remain on a similar wooden pillar together, keeping still and mixing in with their surrounding.

Source: Vanderlei Benites Scalabrim

Viewers added their comments on this video:

One said: Never touch the egg of any wild animal, because when the mother returns she smells different and then leaves the nest, so the eggs do not hatch and are not born.

Another said: Beautiful, and the singing is also beautiful, all God’s creatures are wonderful and beautiful!

A third one said: The mother teaching him to camouflage.

Source: Vanderlei Benites Scalabrim

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