This Beautiful Woman Looks Like A Real-Life Barbie Doll

No matter how advanced the world will become, a few things will take time to show signs of changes. One such thing is the way we perceive beauty. When we ask someone to think of the most beautiful girl in the world, most of the times they would imagine someone with fair skin. But today we are here to introduce to the most beautiful woman, and we are sure you would fall in love with her.

Beautiful Lady
People still believe in the ideology that women with fair skin are prettier than others. Many of the beauty pageants follow the same ideology too. However, this melanin skin lady would make you believe otherwise.

Twin of Barbie

Those who think that woman with darker skin doesn’t look attractive should see this half Australian – Sudanese woman. The melanin skin woman looks like a real-life Barbie doll.

Duckie, a 21-year-old model has gained popularity as a Twin version of Barbie in Australia’s Next Top Model. She has achieved a milestone of her career, but her journey was never rosy.

As a teenager, she was criticized by people for the way she looked. She was called names and was treated in a way that could make anyone hate their life. Not just that, even today, when she is a successful model, people haven’t stopped making insensitive remarks to troll her.

An incident made her realize that she does not have to change herself for others. And this realization changed her life forever.

Defining Beauty

When she thought she could not take the criticism anymore, she pulled herself out of the modeling career for time being. But she is one of those fighters who come back to win. She returned to the modeling world after two years, and people are going gaga over her.

Since her participation in the reality show, Duckie is climbing the ladder of success and there’s no looking back. The Barbie doll lady says, “You’ll always have people say negative things about you… what people think about you doesn’t define you”.

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