Things got heated between Machine Gun Kelly And Conor McGregor on MTV red carpet

Safety officers have been compelled to mediate after things got fiery between Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor.

According to TMZ the fight was started in light of the fact that the Irishman needed to get a photograph with the ‘My Bloody Valentine’ vocalist as they assembled outside the Barclays Center for the MTV Video Music Awards.

MGK refused the request and apparently pushed Conor away. Take a look at the video below:

The situation heated when McGregor fell in backward, dropped his strolling stick and spilled a portion of his beverage.

McGregor jumped back up and tossed whatever was left of his drink at MGK and his girlfriend Megan Fox.

As reported by TMZ that McGregor stood out his hand as he got close to the singer, but MGK said something and his security drove Conor away.

They added Conor was astounded at what occurred and the manner in which he was treated. Security ensured the singer and MMA star couldn’t get close to one another

A source at the scene told Page Six: “They scuffled then it settled down and Conor went for him again.”

The individual added that the photographers were upset’ and were ‘saying they planned to blacklist Conor in light of the fact that they were stressed MGK and Megan wouldn’t walk’.

Several people reacted to this video and responded on social media:

One said: Haha is this what americans call a ‘fight’ MGK looked shook

A second one added: MGK is a talentless dirtbag. Hope someone puts him in his place

While a third one said: He did shit all to protect his woman an he laughed when she got scared

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