The sky turns black by hundreds of crows 14 hours in Canda

A shocking video clip of thousands of crows amassing the skies around an apartment is going viral on the internet.

Reddit user – Lacuna-shared the video online yesterday to the “oddly terrifying” channel and it has received more than 50 thousand upvotes in just 24 hours. The video footage shows the sky loaded up with hundreds of dark-winged creatures shrieking as they fly around a patio.

As indicated by the uploader, the crows had been flying external his loft in Ontario, Canada for 14 hours. Crows are regularly observed as awful signs in the orthodox world, some people ever believe that they are the sign of the apocalypse.

Take a look at the video below:

Viewers gave different opinions and warning regarding this video:

One said: Do they not shit absolutely everywhere? A bunch would stop overnight down the street from where I used to live, I guess when they were migrating. The amount of shit was insane. You couldn’t see the sidewalk from all the shit. Cool birds though.

Another one added: When the crows try to congregate illegally during COVID, it’s an attempted murder.

A third one said: Think they are mourning a death of a high status crow

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