The Simpsons might’ve predicted Kamala Harris Becoming Vice President, as claimed by fans

The surety with which the day follows night, for almost any drastic event there will be someone claiming The Simpsons predicted it would happen.

Not surprisingly, it has happened again, this time with some humor that the cartoon’s writers predicted long ago that Kamala Harris would be the Vice President.

The episode ‘Bart To The Future’, which was aired in 2000, showed Lisa become the first female President of the United States – so it’s not quite really the same thing, but one can draw some similarities.

Source: The Simpson

However, one facet that does give weight to the bizarre theory is the kind of outfits worn by both Lisa and Ms Harris – a purple jacket, a necklace, and earrings.

Source: The Simpson

Even the most cynical minded people would have to accept that there is a similarity.
Source: The Simpsons

Someone joked,”@KamalaHarris hey, congrats! BTW, did you think of Lisa Simpson today? Or is this just coincidence?”

While another put, “Kamala Harris & Lisa Simpson Same vibe.”

One event that The Simpsons perfectly predicted was about Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States.

During the same episode, President Lisa remarks that they’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.


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