The Japanese deputy PM said Fukushima water is safe for human, Chinese asks him to drink that water

Recently, Japan reported that it will deliver more than 1,000,000 tons of water from the annihilated Fukushima atomic power plant into the Pacific Ocean.

The water will be treated and diluted before delivery so radiation levels are beneath those set for drinking water.

Seems like this decision has confronted reaction from Japan’s neighbors, with China’s foreign ministry calling the move ‘incredibly untrustworthy’ and one that will ‘severely harm global general wellbeing and security, and the vital interests of individuals in adjoining nations’.

Talking at a public interview on Tuesday, April 13, Aso said, ‘I have heard that we will have no harm if we drink [the water].’

According to The Mainichi, because of his remarks, Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Zhao Lijian asked the appointee PM to drink the water himself.

‘A Japanese authority said it is alright on the off chance that we drink this water, so then please drink it,’ he told correspondents.

He encouraged the government to rethink its decision, cautioning that Japan’s Minamata infection happened not very far in the past ‘and the torment of the neighborhood casualties is yet to be mended’.

Minamata infection is a neurological condition brought about by extreme mercury poisoning. Somewhere in the range of 1932 and 1968, Chisso Corporation, a chemical manufacturing plant, delivered a lot of mercury-tainted water into the ocean.

The infection, which impacted a huge number of lives, was officially recognized by the Japanese government in 1968.

Zhao said: ‘To safeguard international public interests and Chinese people’s health and safety, China has expressed grave concern to the Japanese side through the diplomatic channel,’

In October 2020, Greenpeace cautioned Japan’s administration that the polluted water contains a radioactive substance that could change human DNA.

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