The human-made sun of South Korea created a world record after running 100 million degrees for 2 seconds

South Korea’s fake sun created a new world record for running at 100 million degrees for 20 seconds.

The Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR), a superconducting fusion machine, played a vital role in the 2020 KSTAR Plasma Campaign project.

To match the nuclear power with China and different nations across Europe, the KSTAR is worked to reproduce the sun’s fusion responses on Earth. Basically, scientists will hold the intensity of the sun in the palm of their hands.

Till now, no other atomic fusion device had been generated temperatures of 100 million degrees or higher for 10 seconds or more.

KSTAR research center director Si-Woo Yoon said: The technologies required for long operations of 100 million plasma are the key to the realization of fusion energy, and the KSTAR’s success in maintaining the high-temperature plasma for 20 seconds will be an important turning point in the race for securing the technologies for the long high-performance plasma operation, a critical component of a commercial nuclear fusion reactor in the future.

Source: National Research Council of Science & Technology

Yong-Su Na, the scientist at the division of Nuclear Engineering, SNU, who has collaborated with the KFE on the KSTAR plasma project, added: ‘The success of the KSTAR experiment in the long, high-temperature operation by overcoming some drawbacks of the ITB modes brings us a step closer to the development of technologies for the realization of nuclear fusion energy.’

The KSTAR’s achievements and discoveries will be imparted to the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference in May 2021, with an objective of 100 million degrees for 300 seconds by 2025.

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