The delivery guy slammed by a lady because he texted her she is “Gorgeous”

A lady has hammered a man who erroneously text messaged her about the delivery of a hot tub as ‘sexist and creepy’ subsequent to hitting on her.

Tracey Binnie, of Tranent, East Lothian, got a text message ‘unexpectedly’ from an unknown person asking when they could drop the spa device off yet he quickly followed with an apology clarifying the message was for another person.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

The Girl Guides leader, 40, made a soft joke of the weird situation by suggesting the stranger could still ‘bring the hot tub round if he wanted’. But the unknown person landed himself in hot water when he seemed to mistake the humor as an invitation, and kidded he would expecting Tracey to bounce in with him.

At the point when she didn’t answer straight away, the man apologized and said it was only a ‘compliment’ as he suspected she might have been ‘gorgeous’ – yet Tracey immediately revealed to him he was being ‘creepy’ before posting this entire incident on Twitter, where she said it was ‘not OK’.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

The ‘stunned’ mother-of-one started to wonder if ‘she had come on to him’ – however her better half immediately disclosed to her that it was an unmistakable joke on her part. Voiceover artist and specialist Tracey said she posted the entire screenshots of this incident on Twitter to bring issues to light of the sexism that ladies experiencing every day.

Tracey Added: ‘It was completely unexpected and a complete shock to get a message like that, but also just the nerve of the guy to turn around and say that. I’m assuming he was selling his hot tub as the first text was along the lines of “alright mate, when’s a good time to drop the hot tub off?” – it was just a completely normal text. As a joke I texted him back and was like “wrong number, but you can send around the hot tub anyway if you want”, and that’s when it started to get a little bit creepy.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

Tracey continued:I half expected him to reply and say “oh, sorry about that” and just have a bit of a giggle about it, which is fair enough. I didn’t expect to have a response like that, but in hindsight I wonder if it was crosswires but no my take on it was that it was a joke, but he turned it into something ever so slightly different.’

Tracey said she also received some uninvited messages on Instagram too a month ago, yet accepts that this episode to be a ‘one-off’ and that the person really had some wrong number.

Source: Kennedy News and Media

Tracey continued: ‘I thought maybe if he ever does text back and I’m in a better mood, I might just wind the guy up and give him a taste of his own medicine. I don’t know if I started overthinking and thinking “did I come onto him?”, and my husband was like “no you didn’t, anybody would say it was a joke, it was clear it was a joke”.

‘You can’t help yourself because I think women face it all the time – we’re always being second guessed “are you sure you didn’t lead him on?” and things like that. I tweeted because I just wanted to show people that it can happen to absolutely anyone, for no reason at all, and to raise awareness that these things happen to women on quite a regular basis.’ 

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