Teenage sons encouraged by mom to carry tampons in case female friends get monthly ‘bleed-through’

A mother revealed that she encourages her sons to carry ladies hygiene products like tampons and pads, because believe it or not, ‘bleed-through’ can happen to any lady.

A mother of two teenage boys and two younger daughters, Tara Ahrens made the revelation on a private Facebook page, Pantsuit Nation, where she shared a picture of her sons Micah, 15, and Elijah, 16, shopping in Target as their school is reopening.

Source: Colleen S. Morris

The caption for her picture was, “My teenage boys helped me shop today, which included buying their little sister’s first bras … because breasts happen.”

She said that both boys carry a tampon and a pad in their backpacks in case one of their friends needs one. Just being a mom out there, trying to erase gender taboo!

Tara’s post was so beautiful that it quickly went viral, amassing over 65K reactions and prompting many women to come forward, sharing stories about when they too needed menstrual products, and they were simply not available to them.

She says that all these stories had a very familiar and a common theme, these people felt ashamed and embarrassed for something so natural and necessary body function.

Tara added, “Not everyone’s reaction to my post was positive either” and later wrote in an essay that there were some people who were really “offended” that she was attempting to break the taboo surrounding menstruation.

Source: Tara Epple Ahrens

Tara revealed that she came on the decision to tell her sons about this problem when she read an article about a man on the Appalachian Trail who gave a tampon from his backpack to a woman who had bled through.

He reportedly said something like; it was no big deal; he had grown up with a mom and sister and that rocked his world.

She explained that her sons were not at all fazed when she suggested that they should put tampons in their backpacks, and they finally discovered the value of this action when Elijah’s friend had a bleed-through.

Source: Tara Epple Ahrens

Tara further explained that that was a really difficult situation for the young girl because her friends only had tampons with them, and she needed a pad – something that later prompted Elijah to start carrying around pads too.

While some schools do offer period products to their pupils, Tara revealed that the school her sons go to does not.

She said that her sons told their female friends that they had emergency supplies, and although they were initially embarrassed when they brought this topic, but finally they became receptive to it.

In fact, one girl gave her suggestion that Elijah should keep emergency menstruation products in his car too.

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