Teen who killed his father just to save his mom will now face 20 years in jail

A teen who killed his abusive dad to save his mom from another brutal upheaval is confronting 20 years in jail on murder charges.

Brilliant student Alex Pompa, who is presently 18, confessed to killing his dad Giuseppe Pompa, 52, by cutting him multiple times with a kitchen knife in the family home in Collegno, Italy on 30 April 2020.

Police investigating the case tracked down that the dad’s maltreatment had been occurring for quite a long time, alleging he was fanatical and jealous.

Source: Newsflash

Investigation reveals that he is calling his wife sometimes more than 100 times a day just to check her and see what she was doing.

The Lawyer of Alex even has 200 audio recordings that clearly show the angry nature of his dad, for ‘insignificant reasons’, to prove the constant state of terror the family was subject to.

The night when this incident happened, Alex and his sibling sent an instant message to their uncle requesting help, dreading their dad would become fierce once more.

Source: Newsflash

The text message says: “You are the only one who listens. You have to take drastic action. Here we all risk our lives.”

However, the text message didn’t help. Soon thereafter, Alex’s dad wound up launching another assault against his wife. It is said the reason behind this attack as he saw one of her co-workers put his hand on her shoulder.

He proceeded to abuse her, tossing a telephone at her face, before Alex jumped in. The school kid, who was 17 years of age at the hour of the occurrence, took a knife from the kitchen, wounding his dad over and over until he passed on.

Alex at that point called the neighborhood police, giving himself in and conceding what he had done.

Source: Newsflash

Firstly, he was put under house capture at the home where the crime scene occurred, however, it was subsequently considered excessively horrible by judges.

He even selected college and got a complimentary call from Lucia Azzolina, the Minister of Public Education at that point. However, presently Alex, who never denied the killing of his father, is set to go to trials after investigators affirmed they were proceeding with the lawful procedures.

The charge he will face at the Assize Court is deliberate murder, with the disturbing situation of having acted against a family member. The investigation was officially shut in a report gave to investigators, who chose to document charges. Alex’s lawyer has 20 days to make their appeal.

Indeed, even with conceivable moderating conditions, the young fellow actually faces more than 20 years in jail.


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