Teen silently shuffles out for talent show – his performance wows the crowd within seconds

When it comes to pop music the only pops up in our mind is Michael Jackson , yet regardless of anything else, it was his ability as a performer that genuinely denotes his legacy.

His singing style, his progressive dance moves … both added to his ascent to superstardom and that is the reason why his nickname is “The King of Pop”.

Brett Nichols may appear as though your normal secondary school student, however, he’s definitely not. He’d joined to perform in his school’s talent show, and on the day of the show, the seats were packed.

Brett simply is a young kid, and despite the fact that he looks somewhat timid when he shuffles out on the floor, under everything he’s concealing an extraordinary talent.

At the point when Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” begins, he stuns everybody in the crowd with his impersonation. It turns out Brett is an extraordinary dancer; he proved this thing by the way he performed the complicated dance steps. Just wait until you see him moonwalk!

Take a look at his performance below:

Brett has been highlighted on TV a few times and traveled the world and performed with a Michael Jackson cover band. Michael Jackson may have died, yet he will consistently stay a motivation

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