Teen created a new world record of the widest mouth in the world

Isaac Johnson has created a new record of having a “big mouth” – with a gob so enormous he can fit a jar of Coke inside it.

Take a look a the video first:

The young person from Minnesota, US, had recently held the Guinness World Record for having the “largest expand” until Phillip Angus figured out how to open his mouth 9.52cm in 2019.

Yet, Isaac did not like this, so he started his training to get back his Title.

What’s more, he has now done exactly that after figuring out how to expand his mouth to an incredible 10.175cm.

Isaac is able to fit a gigantic burger in his mouth
Source: Youtube Screenshot

Video shared to the Guinness World Records’ TikTok page in May has shot Isaac to a different level, having been seen by more than 90 million people worldwide.

It shows the young person serenely fitting a Coca-Cola can in his mouth, followed by a big apple, a water bottle, and surprisingly a baseball.

A video of his huge mouth has been seen more than 90 million times
Source: Youtube Screenshot

Another footage shows how Isaac can fit a colossal burger in his mouth at the same time.

The astounding recordings have received more than 160,000 responses in comments from fans who were understandably gobsmacked (pardon the pun) at the feat.

One person commented: Imagine when he opens his mouth widely again and than suddenly there’s a crack noise and he can’t close his mouth anymore

A second one said: He’s the only person on Earth the dentist doesn’t have to complain about his mouth not being open wide enough.

While a third one commented: Imagine going on a dark alleyway then seeing someone come at you with their mouth this big…….

Isaac says his unusual talent does not hurt
Source: Youtube Screenshot

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