Teacher asked the student to go back home because her outfit making uncomfortable

The dad of a 17-year-old high school student has stood up after his little girl was sent home for wearing an outfit a teacher said made individuals “feel uncomfortable”.

Father Chris Wilson said his young little girl, Karis, went to class “having a positive outlook on herself”, yet was at last left “in tears” after a teacher called her out for wearing a knee-length dark dress over a long-sleeved white skivvy.

Karis, from British Columbia, Canada, says that she was taken out of class and sent to the principal’s office, where she was accordingly sent home.

Tending to the issue in a video shared to Facebook on February 23, Mr. Wilson says he was “enraged” after his little girl’s teacher said that the outfit could make her or the male teachers “feel uncomfortable”.

Source: Christopher Wilson

On his live video her dad Christopher Wilson said:

Today my daughter was sent home for wearing clothing that made her female teacher and her male Student teacher “feel uncomfortable”. Centered out in front of her class and told she needs to leave class and brought her to the VP’s before she went home in tears. After asking her how she would like me to handle it she said she wanted to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen to the students that come after her. Please stand with Karis and I and make sure that those involved are held accountable and that this never happens again. #imwithkaris

This what she was wearing

Source: Christopher Wilson

In his video, Mr. Wilson says that subsequent to studying the school’s new clothing regulation, he was informed that Karis’ outfit decision disrupted the norm that students are “not to wear clothing that is distracting to teaching or learning”.

In light of this, the hovering father says: “That’s in the dress code in a high school in 2021. That you can’t wear clothes that are distracting. How about if you’re a teacher, and you’re distracted by clothing that your students are wearing – you’re in the wrong profession.”

Mr. Wilson at that point requests individuals to rally behind his video and backing his girl, also asking teachers to educate themselves on sensitivity

After this issue went viral on Social media several individual came out to support father and daughter.

One said: “If this was what she was wearing, it is very very modest. So sorry that any of you had to experience this!”

Source: Christopher Wilson

A second one added: “Nothing wrong with this outfit! Truly upsetting hearing your story. Hope your daughter reads all of the comments that support her and know that she was a victim in this situation.”

Source: Christopher Wilson

A third one said: “Christopher she looks beautiful, nothing wrong with her outfit at all”

Source: Christopher Wilson

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