Tattoo studio sends an epic reply to ‘Male Karen’ who threatened to leave a bad review

A tattoo shop has sent an epic answer to a client who threatened to leave them a bad review

After a customer informed Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio in Glasgow on Facebook, grumbling that their tattoo wasn’t healing as expected, staff savaged them for not using the suggested aftercare.

Image Source: aa1608tattoo

The Owner of the Archangel 1608 Tattoo Studio in Glasgow, David McKinlay, immediately set them straight in the most epic manner.

The studio then posted some screenshots of the text messages to its Facebook page, with the title: “This is from last weekend, and why we’ve been banging on about aftercare all week. We can only do so much after you’ve left the studio…

Several people reacted to this incident and posted their remarks on this:

One said: Who the hell is dumb enough to believe a business isn’t allowed to refuse service, much less lock their door?! Its insane how stupid and selfish people can be.

A second one added: I wonder if dips**t realizes how closely entrepreneurs communicate with one another out of respect to warn of exactly this behaviour. I wouldn’t be surprised if after lockdown every parlour in a many mile radius suddenly doesn’t have the time for this crap.

While a third one said: This was incredibly satisfying to ead

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