Taliban said women should stay at home only because their fighters have not been trained to respect them

At the point when the Taliban were in power last time, Afghan ladies were not permitted to leave their homes except in case of emergency. The individuals who violated this were either beaten tortured or executed.

In the nine days since the Taliban was once again in power, their chiefs have demanded that this time will be different. Ladies, they say, will be permitted to work. Young ladies will be allowed to go to class but with Talibani rules.

However, early signs have not been promising, and that example proceeded with Tuesday with an assertion from a Taliban representative that ladies should remain at home, basically for the time being. Because some of the militants have not yet been trained not to hurt them, he explained.

The representative, Zabihullah Mujahid, said this is just a temporary ban expected to secure ladies until the Taliban could guarantee their safety.

Credit: PA

He said: “We are worried our forces who are new and have not been yet trained very well may mistreat women,” Mujahid said. “We don’t want our forces, God forbid, to harm or harass women.”

Mujahid said that ladies should remain at home “until we have another way,” and that “their compensations will be paid in their homes.”

Credit: PA

On this Ahmadullah Waseq, the deputy of the Taliban’s cultural affairs committee said to Newyork times: the Taliban had “no problem with working women,” as long as they wore hijabs. For now, we are asking them to stay home until the situation gets normal. Now it is a military situation.”

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