Students have been bullying and harassing him on zoom secretively, as revealed by a young boy

Since the pandemic, many schools have gone remote with teaching on online platforms, but has it stopped bullying? Surprisingly, no. Cyber bullying was always a very sensitive topic due to boom in social media, but with classrooms on Zoom, it has turned uglier than ever before. Suddenly, the students can now have a peek into each other’s private lives in their homes. And, worse, these conferences can be recorded and have a very deeper impact.

One student has just revealed how the harassment starts early. Right when a he logs on to his computer, he’s flooded with really hurtful and upsetting messages. They just pop up randomly.

The fifth grader said the messages often come to him via chat box. He has been called stupid, and that other students aren’t even afraid to use hurtful expletives. The bullying got much worse when he reported the teasing, as he should have definitely done.

It has gotten so bad that the students have also started targeting his mom. They’ve created such an unsafe environment that it has been really difficult for him to actually learn anything in the classes. Remote schooling has enough challenges already, while these students have managed to find a way to make it even worse for the young boy.

For parents, it has become even more important to talk to kids about their activity online. Just because a teacher is present in the chat room with them doesn’t mean that the teacher is any aware of what’s might really be going down there. Bullying someone and being hurtful can never be justified.

I became so pathetic that the boy’s screen name was once even changed to “suicide kid” in the chat, meaning that his peers were most likely abetting his suicide.

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