Smart mum ‘tricks’ son into having healthy meals by hiding them in Pot Noodle cups

Marcella McDonagh wanted to make sure her son was eating a healthy meal – so she ‘tricked’ him by filling a Pot Noodle with a home-cooked stir fry.

Source: Facebook

Marcella McDonagh, who recently worked on a script about domestic abuse with Emily Florence Hutchings from Solace Women’s Aid, from Northampton, posted the hack on Facebook.

She explained: “Fake Pot Noodle!!! So my son had his first pot noodle the other day. Wasn’t sure to be proud or not, but he loved it. “So I found myself trying to feel better and completely scamming him with this fake (healthier) Pot Noodle! “Yeh one day he will realise I’m a fake and a fraud, but until then… eat away my lad.”

Source: Facebook

The post quickly garnered 5,500 likes and more than 400 comments.

One mum said: “Oh my gosh… wish I’d have thought of this! Its brilliant!”

“That’s such a good idea,” added another.

“This looks so much better than a pot noodle,” commented a third.

And a fourth wrote: “This is a mum win for sure!”


To help her fellow parents out, Marcella noted: “Some asked for the recipe. “It’s just a simple stir fry to be honest. “Fresh noodles, fresh bag of stir fry veg, chopped up chicken and garlic.”

She Further added”Added a tiny bit of katsu sauce just for the colour, but guess curry powder or cumin would work. “It’s so simple and took like four mins to make. I added zero salt. “Just as fresh as possible.”

Top work, mum!

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