Sick pervert jailed for having sex with chickens in his basement has prison cut short

A disturbing footage was recovered that showed Rehan Baig, 37, copulating with the pet birds, which died due to resulting trauma, was caught on camera by his wife 38-year-old wife Haleema.

It was recovered from a computer system seized from his home in Bradford, West Yorkshire, along with obscene images of children.

Baig was imprisoned for three years at Bradford Crown Court in the month of October last year after admitting to a number of felonies, including having intercourse with an animal, possessing extreme pornographic images and capturing obscene photographs of children.

Source: SWNS

Shockingly, his imprisonment was cut to two years and four months after two senior Court of Appeal judges decided that the initial sentence was too long. Baig’s lawyers had argued that his prison time should be suspended and he should be freed from prison with immediate effect.

Judge Sir Roderick Evans said: “We are satisfied that a significant and immediate term of custody was necessary.”

Baig’s disturbing felonies were discovered when National Crime Agency officers searched the family home in July 2019 after receiving inputs regarding possession of obscene photographs of kids.

Computer system obtained from the property showed 49 indecent photos of minors, including 11 of the most serious category, some of which featured kids as young as six.

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Investigators had seized a “significant” quantity of extreme kind of pornographic images, including homemade movies featuring Baig and sometimes his wife engaging in sexual activity with animals. They were saved under the file name “Family Vids”.

Some of the photographs featured the couple engaging in sexual activities with a dog while others were of Baig performing intercourse with chickens.His wife filmed some of the footage on a cell phone.

The judge at his crown court trial described Baig’s offence as “depraved, perverted and despicable” and said the creation of the videos was “simply beyond comprehension”.

The disturbing photos showed two of the chickens lying dead on the floor while another video showed the pervert placing one of the deceased birds in a bin bag to dispose off. He was also put on the sex offenders’ register for life but the lifelong ban that prevented him from owning any animal had to be lifted due to a legal loophole.

Baig was not charged with animal cruelty so the judge admitted he had no jurisdiction to prohibit the pervert from owning animals in the future. His wife was handed a six-month suspended sentence after she admitted helping and abetting sexu@l !ntercourse with an animal, which she said was due to coercive and controlling behaviour by her husband.

Judge Richard Mansell said: The pain and suffering you inflicted on these animals must have been horrific.”

Prosecutors said the chickens started out as family pets and they all died as a consequence of Baig’s actions.


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