Siblings Surprised Everyone with Their Wedding Dance, People Could Not Stop Cheering

It’s every girl’s childhood fantasy to have a fun wedding. Wedding is an occasion where the couple’s friends and family come together and create memories to cherish forever. The inner family of the bride and the groom take extra responsibility when it comes to planning.

These siblings wanted to add an extraordinary charm to their sister’s wedding. Hence, they came up with the dance performance. The performance was a medley of five songs. It started with the boys
dancing to the Backstreet boy’s classic “I want it that way.” People started cheering up the young men. They ended the part by pausing side by side with sunglass on.

Source: YouTube /
Ádám Réthy

The girls then took over the floor with “Tell him” by The Exciters. It was boy’s turn again. They rocked “Words from the gang” followed by the sisters taking over the stage with Meghan Trainor’s “Better when I am dancing.” The show was not over yet. The biggest surprise was yet to come.

The excitement of the crowd touched its peaks when the eight siblings came together on stage for the last song. It was an Indian song “Radha.” That was completely unpredictable! The phenomenal performance did not fail to bring smile on each one of the guests present.

Source: YouTube /
Ádám Réthy

When they uploaded the video on YouTube, little did they know that it would get 2.9 million views. Anyone would fall in love with their energy and the sync. Surprisingly, they learned the steps on their own.

Watch the fun-filled performance below:

Since the video was uploaded, the viewers are showering appreciation for the splendid performance. “Omg this was amazing. I dunno why but from a mothers view this got me emotional to see how much love is in that room,” wrote Rachel Copas.

The siblings thanked the viewers for the support and also mentioned that they will come up with a new surprise dance when there is a function next time in the family!

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