Server receives $4,500 tip after an incident with homophobic diners

The world is changing very fast in deep, I do not know whether this speed will stop or not, but recently, a group on Facebook called Do Good Tour shared an image of a receipt from an eatery in Madison, Wisconsin. On the receipt, somebody denoted a dash close to “TIP” and left a message that said: “Service was good, but we don’t tip sinful homosexuals.” Someone chose to leave their server without a tip dependent on their sexuality.

When it came to the knowledge Eric Salzwedel the co-founder of Do Good Wisconsin, he responded to this occurrence. The Facebook post supported individuals to participate in #VENMOCHALLENGE where they could give cash to this worker and later on, they would be surprised with the tip that was collected by their local community.

Facebook group “Do Good Tour” shared a receipt that was left for one of the workers working in an eatery

250 individuals participated in this event and raised $4,500 that was subsequently given to the worker. On this whole situation, Eric (Co-founder) said: “Seeing the receipt made me angry both as a person of faith and a person who has spent the last 18 months learning about the challenges facing members of the service industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Below is the picture of the receipt with the message on it:

Image source: Do Good Tour

After this episode, the co-founder of this group chose to make another challenge where individuals could give some cash and later give this “tip” to the server. Around 250 people participated in the challenge and they raised around $4500

Image source: Do Good Tour

After $4,500 was raised, they ensured that the amount was secured and would be well-received. After they server their money, they chose to give a part of the total to The Trevor Project.

With this end, some people reacted and criticized this tipping system:

One said: Maybe America should change their ways and not rely on tips as a form of payment/income. Its so fked up. Imagine giving your best and providing excellent service only to receive nothing or lesser than what’s expected to be given? What a motivation killer.

A second one added: Keep business and pleasure separate. You did business with the restaurant and you were satisfied with the service. Tip appropriately. Keep your nose out of the waiter private life.

While a third one said: Sad that people feel the need to be so awful, how dare they use the word “sinful” their actions were far from godly. Love that the server got a great tip and lots of support in the end.

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