Seeing this horse perform his “routine” is a delight!

Be it a morning coffee or an afternoon nap, we all have those activities weaved in our routine that make our day complete. Not only humans, almost all living creature on this planet have certain habits that give them a cycle. We all are product of our habits.

When the summer is searing

Who likes it when the smoldering high temperature during summer gets exhausting. We find one or another way to escape the scorching heat of summer. Unlike us, animals have limited ways to protect them from the weather extremes. But we must note that they have profound instincts!

Horse’s swimming routine

When this man observed a peculiar routine of his horse, he was surprised. Every noon, at 11 AM the horse goes to his owner’s swimming pool. He swims graciously from one end to another. Upon getting a prompt from his master, he comes out and strolls in the field as usual. Next day, at same time, he repeats the routine.

When the man told people about this, they obviously denied believing him. So, he recorded a video of his horse performing the routine, and here it is!

Fact worth knowing

It is unusual to find horses in the water. However, horses are strong swimmers once they have established their rhythm in the water. You will be surprised to know that majority of horses have good swimming capabilities. Due to lack of their ‘water confidence’, they seldom enter a pond.

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